Simple and Happy Cleaning Expert

SM China

One of the largest integrated real estate developers in Southeast Asia

SM mall

New Living City Complex

Zhengxin Tire

Top 10 most valuable tire brands in the world in 2018


MediaTek Group companies


Philippine high-end electronics brand

Gangyu's American high-end oven brand


The world's leading smart intercom solution provider

Akuvox Ruiyun United

High-tech company that researches and operates in polymer new material industry

Jinye New Materials


Huamei Space, MediaTek Port, Jimei

China World Financial Holdings

Xiamen International Trade Holding Co., Ltd.

Zhizun Building Materials

Leader in the whole stone industry chain


World-class modular products and customized solutions


Moslian Time Photo Gallery

Baidu Special Education Lone Star Bay Project

Teacher's Day topics

Xinhe Yinhu Tianfeng

Fully furnished houses in Binbei CBD


Apeman International

25+ health customization

Beijing Baoxingmei Hospital Management Co., Ltd.

She Run Women's Run

Xiamen Luqiao Sports Industry Group

Yihong Yacht

One of the four major domestic category A yacht manufacturers


Establishing a national chain club platform for advanced social centers

Duchamp Reme

International Music Exchange


Shanshan Wedding Consultant


Shadow guitar

Gifted Men

Chinese famous brand products

Shuhua Sports APP

Shuhua Sports APP

Camellia oil

Camellia oil

Seven Wolfs: Wolf Totem

The ultimate single product 140S shirt

Que's: Cooling Baby

a famous Chinese trademark


Good life

PROSUN glasses

Feng Shaofeng's Glasses Totem


Design Life Experience Hall

One horizontal and one vertical

One horizontal and one vertical

Yinchuan Hall

Foreign silver luxury brand

Youbei Guojiaoyuan

Accompany your beautiful intimate girlfriends

Hain Yachts

Italy's top luxury yachts


The best provider of library RFID system applications

Meiyue Technology

New retail + smart dining cloud system

361 degrees

HR WeChat platform development


H5, applet

Marketing H5 Collection

Marketing H5 Collection


Youth Learning Internet Community

Shanguo Beverage Group Station

Top Ten Chain Enterprises in China Tea Industry

Theater pot

WeChat Member System

Food and Wine

WeChat system development

Squirrel bar

Wine storage applet

JET Micro Store

Guarding growth with light

GYMLIVING micro mall

Practice life

U-Area Life

Lazy renting artifact

I sing a song for the motherland

Fujian Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department


Mengyun Event Registration Platform

Brush drawing applet

Brush drawing applet

Xiamen Science and Technology Museum

Domestic advanced comprehensive science and technology museum

Luen Fat House

Youth Apartment Development Plan